Current Program of Jalalabad Association Dhaka

Institutional Capacity Building:

  • To strengthen and accelerate activities of Education Trust and Jalalabad Welfare Trust.
  • To expand Jalalabad Bhavan from 9 th floor to 14 th floor by the Jalalabad Bhavan Trust.
  • To develop and promote Jalalabad Association website, face book ID and newsletter.
  • To develop the capacity of the Office in terms of space, technology, and staff to cope with additional activities.


Social Welfare:

  • To establish Jalalabad Multipurpose Cooperative Society.
  • To undertake activities to help the unemployed youths and job-seekers.
  • To support destitute during winter, flood, any casualty during natural or man maid disaster.
  • To provide scholarship and financial assistance to the meritorious and needy students.]
  • To receive zakat fund and distribute them among appropriate persons
  • To take necessary actions and programs for the development of social and physical infrastructure, agriculture, environment, airport, tourism, roads, minerals etc of Sylhet.


Education, Health and Gender:

  • To take programs under Jalalabad Education Trust Fund and in collaborative with community Education trusts located abroad to foster educational development
  • To take initiative for establishing Jalalabad University, Jalalabad Medical College and Educational Institutions.
  • To take necessary actions for the improvement of overall education in Sylhet region.
  • To strengthen students counseling for BCS and other competitive examinations, orientation of job placements and skill training program of the association.
  • To establish health and medical assistance program with the help of Expert Sylheti Doctors, Specialists and Hospitals.
  • To undertake activities to develop and promote capacity building of women.


History, Culture and Heritage:

  • To undertake activities to protect, preserve and promote the culture, heritage and history of Sylhet.
  • To organize and promote “SYLHET UTSHAB” at home and abroad to expose culture, history, heritage, economy, contributions and achievement of Sylhet in regional and global perspective.
  • To organize seminar, workshop, discussions on values, culture, heritage, history, development; arrange publications of books, articles, essays; organize cultural programs.


International Cooperation and Expatriates Welfare:

  • To establish and promote relationship with expatriate Sylheties and associate /link their community organizations with Jalalabad Association, Dhaka.
  • To take appropriate initiative to tackle and resolve causes of Expatriate sylheties.
  • To motivate and help expatriate sylheties for investment in Bangladesh.
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