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History Of Jalalabad



JALALABAD ASSOCIATION, DHAKA is one of the oldest social welfare associations in Bangladesh. The association has its roots in 1948, one year after the division of Indian sub continent into India and Pakistan, when several prominent dignitaries from the greater Sylhet region, popularly known as the Jalalabad region, had established this age old association. The name “Jalalabad” has come from the name of the eminent sufi muslim saint Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) who came from Yeman to illuminate this region with the religion of Islam and had a great influence on the people of this region.


JALALABAD ASSOCIATION, DHAKA was established to offer a platform for the greater Sylheti community living in Dhaka for the harmonious relationship among them, to cater the need of their heritage, culture, social wellbeing and solidarity and to flourish peace, prosperity and happiness. Over the period, the association has not only become the social, cultural hub and a great meeting place for Jalalabadians living in Dhaka, it has spread out its activities toward the promotion of welfare and wellbeing of the people of Sylhet region in terms of socio-cultural-economic perspective. As an apex organization of the people of Sylhet origin, Jalalabad Association promotes the cooperation, culture, education, social values and fraternity among the members and community organizations located home and abroad. We focus to reflect our heritage and culture, connecting community and togetherness in all of our activities within the perspective of our national values, culture, and prides.


JALALABAD ASSOCIATION, DHAKA regularly organises events for its members, such as annual picnic, iftar party during Ramadan, reception, discussion, and cultural programs. It offers its members support and cooperation in education, social development, leadership development, community services, advocacy, and more. The organization provides scholarships to needy and meritorious students to support their education. It also organizes events for students counseling, orientation for job placements, including the BCS and Banking jobs, computer literacy and skill development training. We also have a Zakat fund in which the association receives Zakat contributions and distribute them among eligible persons in the society. Moreover, we organise programms for women, youths and professionals. Our association also responds to any humanitarian crisis and extends assistance to any calamities or disaster.


JALALABAD ASSOCIATION, DHAKA carries out its activities from its own landmark building, at 22 Kawran Bazar, Dhaka. The 10 member Advisory Committee of the Association comprises of the respectable eminent personality of the country, are providing invaluable guidance to the Association. The Executive Committee of the Association has 41 elected positions who hold portfolio for two years. In order to function effectively and efficiently, the Executive Committee also forms different functional committees on particular areas of activities. The Election Committee of the Association organises bi-annual election during the AGM to form new Executive Committee. The association also belongs three very important trusts which provide great impetus to the Association. These are: (i.) Jalalabad Education Trust, chaired by Dr. Mohammad Farashuddin,; (ii) Jalalabad Bhavan Trust, chaired by Mr. Abdul Hamid Chowdhury; and (iii) Jalalabad Welfare Trust, chaired by Mr. Nasir A Chowdhury.


JALALABAD ASSOCIATION, DHAKA has associates/affiliation and cooperation with similar organizations of Sylheti origin from different countries of the world. Some of them are named as Jalalabad Association and some are named differently in accordance with the identity of Sylheties. The association has taken initiative to further extend and strengthen the cooperation among such organisations around the globe.


JALALABAD ASSOCIATION, DHAKA has two types of memberships. These are: (i) Life Membership and (ii) General Membership. In addition to that, we have provision for overseas life membership. Until now we have more than 1200 life members and more than 3000 general members. We also have more than 100 overseas life members from different countries. We encourage and welcome new members every year for the vibrancy of our activities. We also appreciate donation/contribution to the Association to support its burgeoning activities. Donations to the Jalalabad Association, Dhaka have the privilege to be free from income tax.


JALALABAD ASSOCATION, DHAKA, desires to reach out each individual of Sylheti origin residing in Dhaka to accommodate them in the association’s activities to flourish our fraternity and achieve our common goal.


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