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Current Program of Jalalabad Association Dhaka

Institutional Capacity Building:

To strengthen and accelerate activities of Education Trust and Jalalabad Welfare Trust.
To expand Jalalabad Bhavan from 9 th floor to 14 th floor by the Jalalabad Bhavan Trust.
To develop and promote Jalalabad Association website, face book ID and newsletter.
To develop the capacity of the Office in terms of space, technology, and staff to cope with additional activities.

Social Welfare:

To establish Jalalabad Multipurpose Cooperative Society.
To undertake activities to help the unemployed youths and job-seekers.
To support destitute during winter, flood, any casualty during natural or man maid disaster.
To provide scholarship and financial assistance to the meritorious and needy students.]
To receive zakat fund and distribute them among appropriate persons
To take necessary actions and programs for the development of social and physical infrastructure, agriculture, environment, airport, tourism, roads, minerals etc of Sylhet.

Education, Health and Gender:

To take programs under Jalalabad Education Trust Fund and in collaborative with community Education trusts located abroad to foster educational development
To take initiative for establishing Jalalabad University, Jalalabad Medical College and Educational Institutions.
To take necessary actions for the improvement of overall education in Sylhet region.
To strengthen students counseling for BCS and other competitive examinations, orientation of job placements and skill training program of the association.
To establish health and medical assistance program with the help of Expert Sylheti Doctors, Specialists and Hospitals.
To undertake activities to develop and promote capacity building of women.

History, Culture and Heritage:

To undertake activities to protect, preserve and promote the culture, heritage and history of Sylhet.
To organize and promote “SYLHET UTSHAB” at home and abroad to expose culture, history, heritage, economy, contributions and achievement of Sylhet in regional and global perspective.
To organize seminar, workshop, discussions on values, culture, heritage, history, development; arrange publications of books, articles, essays; organize cultural programs.

International Cooperation and Expatriates Welfare:

To establish and promote relationship with expatriate Sylheties and associate /link their community organizations with Jalalabad Association, Dhaka.
To take appropriate initiative to tackle and resolve causes of Expatriate sylheties.
To motivate and help expatriate sylheties for investment in Bangladesh.